Woodyard Training

Intro to Canter Test No 1

ITC 1 (2010)


1. A Enter at Working Trot

C Track right

2. B Turn right

E Track left

3. A-X 20m circle left

4. Between

XKAF Transition to Working Canter left

FBM Working Canter

5. Between

M-C Transition to Working Trot

CHE Working Trot

6. E Turn left

B Track right

7. A-X 20m circle right

8. Between

XFAK Transition to Working Canter right

KEH Working Canter

9. Between

H-C Transition to Working Trot

10. M Medium Walk

11. BK Free Walk on a long rein

12. A Down Centre line

X Halt, Salute


Leave Arena at Free Walk on long rein at A


Woodyard Training (2010) www.woodyardtraining.com