Calling all Olympic 'hopefuls' Are you ready for Rio 2016?

Woodyard Training Olympic Selection Committee Needs YOU! We plan to be holding our very own 'Get Ready for Rio' Team trials throughout the 2015-16 don't delay....start planning today!

With this in mind, team preparations start with effect from our next competition date 29th November 2015 culminating in a Championship being awarded in March 2016 to the value of 60 for the team.

The Rules

1. Teams comprise of 3 riders individually competing at any level of class held at Woodyard Training competitions. For example, your team can be made up of competitors across any class you choose that are competing on the same day.

2. Team name and members of the team must be declared with the Secretary before the second team member has competed on that day.

3. Team membership is rider based (the rider, not the horse, is the member) and it is possible for a rider to ride differing horses in the team. In the event of this, their highest score for that date of competition, will be the counting score.

4. It is possible to substitute a team member, eg for if a horse is lame, or rider unable to attend, however, a team may only make TWO substitutions across the series of five events held each winter series.

5. In the event of riders having to 'share' a horse, on the same date of competition, as per normal dressage rules, this is allowed, as long as each rider is riding in a different level of class and the horse does no more than three tests on that date. For example, Rider 1 might do Class 1 and Rider 2 could then do either of classes 2 through to class 4.

6. On each day of competition, for each rider in the team, the highest percentage gained from a test will be used as their counting score. All three individual scores will be totalled to provide an overall percentage. The highest percent gained will be awarded with team rosettes on that day of competition.

7. At EACH competition the accumulative percentage scores for each team are carried forwards to the Championship in March, with the team gaining the highest overall percentage on that date, being the team who are deemed as being on the 'Woodyard Training Olympic Short List' and, subject to available sponsorship, recipients of prizes and awards. Any questions, or if you want to register your team today, then use the comments box on the entry form or email or call 07887 997665.