Novice and Prelim tests as well as the current British Dressage Rules can be accessed through contacting

To view and/or download the Basic Paces Walk/Trot tests click on:

Walk/Trot 1 Walk/Trot 2 Walk/Trot 3 Walk/Trot 4 Walk/Trot 5 Walk/Trot 6.

Intro to Canter 1 (ITC1) Intro to Canter 2 (ITC2) Intro to Canter (ITC3)

A hardcopy of these tests can also be obtained by sending a business size, stamped, self addressed envelope to:

Basic Paces Dressage
Woodyard Training
Woodyard, The Green
East Sussex BN26 5SP
Attn: Walk/Trot Test

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